As a member of our pond, you have the opportunity to choose from a number of high-value programs designed to enhance your visibility in Houston and beyond. Our flock members lead the formation and enjoy a highly visible role within the high-action, high-energy minor league professional football arena. Football is alive and well in the culture of Texas, and Houstonians are loyal community stewards who go above and beyond to support football teams and the businesses that support those teams. Sponsorship partners will be recognized by thousands of loyal football fans and will have significant exposure to both organizations and individual members of the Greater Houston community.


Our sponsors can expect to enhance their images with promotional events, sponsoring individual games, fanfare, media guides, Internet presence, newsletters, program advertisements, banners, and various cross-promotional opportunities.

The South Houston Ducks offer a unique and effective professional sports marketing tool with affordable sponsorship opportunities. We always try to customize our sponsorship packages to meet the needs of our flock members.


The RESET Program is a division of a pain management facility specifically designed to optimize athletic performance on the field and maintain overall health and wellness off the field. Our programs combine the most advanced and effective pain management with scientifically based nutritional plans and unique strength training programs to empower our athletes to perform at their peak, recover quickly, and prevent injury while on the field. Our program guarantees that on the day you end your career, you’ll feel as good as the day you started. Part of BACAS Interventional Pain Management.

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In the following will discuss the various packages available to sponsors. We have sponsorship levels for all income levels, and each includes benefits like season tickets and full page advertisement opportunities.



Are you a potential sponsor/donor? We would love to hear from you!

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