About Us

Our franchise, the Houston Ducks, was announced as a new “AAA” minor professional team for the Houston, TX, market in August 2012. As former football players and coaches from all levels, our leadership team understands the pride and sense of achievement that comes from participating in a highly competitive sport. That is the primary reason that we have joined together to form a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing a chance to play organized minor professional football to Houston’s premiere prospects.


Since day one, we have been determined to bring a new level of play to the community. This has allowed our hand-selected players to participate in a team and league that also serves as a stepping stone for entrance into next-level teams. Our management and staff is fully qualified and prepared to lend their personal and professional expertise to help us thrive, and under their leadership, we have achieved nationwide recognition.


We are always interested in hearing from potential players, coaches, volunteers, sponsors, and donors! Help us bring us bring a fresh look for football in Houston!


The Houston Ducks commit our time and services to several charitable projects and organizations throughout the year. The players and staff have a shared interest in giving back to their communities, along with causes that are dear to our hearts. If you have or know of any projects that we would be a good fit for — reach out to us on our Contact page! We love lending our minds and muscles wherever we can!

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