Student-Athlete Program
Our Student-Athlete Program is designed to assist players with maintaining collegiate player eligibility by enrolling in community college. We have established relationships with guidance counselors from Houston Community College (HCC) throughout the City of Houston and its surrounding areas. These counselors will assist them with selecting core classes that will transfer into any Division 1, Division 2, or junior college. Our coaches and staff will be in direct contact with college scouts for recruiting. We will be able send out statewide Houston Ducks profiles of our players enrolled in the Student-Athlete program.


Next – Level Program
The Next-Level Program is designed for players who have completed college or are otherwise ineligible in the NCAA. These athletes are trying to further their career into any professional level of football. We will assist them with media press kits that will include player profiles, highlight tapes, game tapes, combine and workout tapes, and scheduling private workout sessions for scouts. Our coaching staff will be in contact with several professional scouts who can come and evaluate players who have the desire and ability to take their football careers to the professional level.